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Castle Interior



Let me tell you a secret ...

3D is evolving like never before...

It is now incredibily fast and easy to create stunning 3D scenes.

Thanks to video games creation softwares, we can now save hours of production's time to create very high quality visuals.

And finally make 3D and beautiful visuals available to everyone.

You represent:

  • A Museum

  • A tourist office

  • A city

  • A private/public historical site

  • A school

  • A company that want to promote architectural heritage

You are at the right place



Arcreoz has been founded by an expert in 3D modeling/texturing/lighting for video games.


Art is king


Education is not only about science.


If you want people to remember your exhibition/content for a long time a good schematic representation will not be enough.


Art is here to help you create an unforgetable experience.


And Arcreoz being one of the only company specialized in architectural heritage founded by an artist, you can be sure we will help you create a stunning visual experience.

Finally, our world is going through tough times.
Nowadays, people are often under pressure, their attention is always sought.
It's important to make education feel like entertainment.

A good picture is better than a thousand words.

And a good picture is made of things like:

Composition of shapes and colors

Rythm in your scene


Symbolism of colors to create emotions

Moody lighting 

etc etc

What about our


We can create 3D reeanactements, no matter the way you want to display it.

You want to use Virtual Reality (film or interactive)?
You want to to display a 360 video on smartphones, tablets?

You want to use a classic movie format but with great visuals?
You want an interactive 3D objects that people can manipulate?

You just want a beautiful 3D picture?



do it.





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Support: VR, smartphones, tablets, pc          Type: 360° Documentary          Length: 4mn       Year: 2018

Mystery project


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Support: Tablets         Type: Video

Length: 2 mn      Year: 2019

We will release more information about this project very soon.
You will be able to see this 3D reconstruction
on site from October.
Please stay tuned to discover more exciting information.



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Support: Still secret!          Type: A secret as well!

Year: Still in development

This project is under development.
Much more is incoming.


This work is the preparation of a future exhibition that will happen at Annecy's castle and museum.
It is a collaboration between:


Pietà de Montrottier

Collections de l’Académie florimontane, Château de Montrottier

A couple of older projects?

Notre Dame de liesse

Support: PC

 Type: Interactive realtime VR experience

Year: 2016

This is our first prototype.
We made a church from Annecy in 3D from scratch.
Built it in a video game engine (Unreal Engine).
Optimized it.


It was then possible to move around, in realtime, in VR, in that church and discover its story.

Indian Ornament

Support: Pretty much any device with an internet connection

 Type: Interactive online 3D object

Year: 2013

This is an object that has been created from scratch, using only a reference picture.
It allows us to share some great visuals to
talk about an object that is not accessible anymore.

Who is hiding behind the logo?


Florian Desaunay

Founder - Senior artist


Laury-Nuria André

Art Historian / archeologist

Artistic direction support

A short summary of what we did before:

Florian had several specializations over the 8 years he spent working for the video games industry.

3D Modeling, scene creation, materials, lighting.

Everything that is needed and mandatory to create a rich and  beautiful environment.

Here are a few names of studios
he worked for:


At the end of his career in the video games industry, Florian was organizing the texture production for Ubisoft Annecy's studio (The Division2) and was in charge of training the other artists to new production techniques.

Laury has a fantastic experience, that is very precious to Arcreoz!

She has been studying
Antiquity for years as an Historian/archeologist.

Her strength are:

  • Hellinistic/Gallo roman era.
    She can work on any time period as well as she has been a teacher at Toulouse's University.

  • Her research about the landscape and architectural representation in litterature, visual representations, philosophy etc etc.

Thanks to those research, she wrote 43 articles and books.

She is giving talks as well for companies like Ubisoft to share about the connection between History and its modern representations, in movies and video games.

This is
only a short overview of Laury's skills and experience. Please get in touch with us to get to know her!

 We are surrounded by a constellation of fantastic freelancers as well.

All experts in their domain, knowing the latest tools and techniques.

They will be added here very soon! 


You liked what you saw?

Let's make something great together!

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